Summer Fun in Hong Kong

Summer Fun in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Tourism Board has launched the ultimate guide to exploring Old Town Central this summer. From the most instagrammable spots hidden within the city, to exploring Hong Kong’s culture and history, here is a few notes on what not to miss this summer.

Instagram a piece of street art on Graham Street, or record a timelapse of yourself riding the world’s longest outdoor escalator system. Hong Kong’s Central-Midlevels Escalator is the quickest way to get between Queens Road and SoHo, and offers a scenic route along the way.

Discover a 1950’s speakeasy, or sip on tea at a traditional tea house. Just like here in Britain, tea is an important part of Hong Kong culture. The Kung Lee Herbal Tea Shop is the perfect place to experience tea time like locals do. Founded in the 1940s, this teahouse is still loved by locals, and among its menu of herbal tonics, the sugarcane juice is the best seller.

Dine at a traditional dai pai dong. Dai pai dongs are Hong Kong’s traditional open air food stalls and Sing Heung Yuen on Mee Lun Street is a humble yet popular eatery with an impressively loyal following thanks to its simple, yet delicious, dishes. The signature dish to try is the tomato soup noodle, which is served in a sweet and tangy soup.

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