The Strand Cruise offer new special interest cruises

The Strand Cruise offer new special interest cruises

In addition to its regular sailings, The Strand Cruise has recently added a series of themed cruises sailing throughout 2017 and 2018. Each departure will follow The Strand Cruise’s scheduled four-night Bagan-Mandalay itinerary, but be enhanced by the presence of professional experts hosting each voyage and presenting additional activities on board and during shore excursions designed to enrich passengers’ experience of Myanmar.



Photography Cruise Date: Monday 16 October 2017

Myanmar is a photographer’s delight, with glowing sunrises, expansive landscapes and characterful people. Professional photographer, Lucas Gurdjian, will join passengers on The Strand Cruise on 16th October to share his knowledge on how to capture this once in a lifetime experience and improve their skills as a photographer. Lucas has already travelled the route of the cruise from Bagan to Mandalay and identified the best times to be in each location to capture the best light, for example, for sunrise over Bagan.

Music Cruise Date: Monday 13 November 2017

Classical music aficionados are in for a treat as artists from the Orchestre de Paris will return to The Strand Cruise on 13th November to present a new program of scores from some of history’s most famous composers, played against a backdrop of romantic sunsets, starlit night skies and a vista of thousands of pagodas. The musicians will perform intimate concerts throughout the cruise in different locations, such as a private sandbank or on the sundeck, offering passengers the unique experience of interacting with these top international musicians.

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