Story of Laxmi Sunar

Story of Laxmi Sunar

Laxmi Sunar, a 35 years old from Jumla, which is one of the remote districts of Nepal belongs to a low caste family. She never attended school. At the age of 15, her neighbors arranged marriage for her in Mugu, the west of Nepal. She has two daughters age seven and five.

During her husband’s veterinary course he married another women. He left Laxmi because she gave birth to a girl. Her life became rough every day; her in-laws tortured her and asked her to leave their house.

She left her in-laws house leaving her two lovely daughters behind, it was very painful for her. “But that was the only option for her to escape from that situation. Her  in-laws also attempted to pour a poisonous chemical to her.”

She returned to her maternal home which she shared with her parents. They understood her situation but due to poverty they were helpless and convinced her to return to her in-laws. Culturally, it is believed that married daughters should not stay at her parents’ home. In our society, once the girls marry off, her entire life has to be spent with her husband and his family.

One of her neighbours recommended visiting Empowering Women of Nepal ~ EWN’ training program in Pokhara. Pokhara was a long distance to travel from her home town and was a totally new place for her. It was her only chance of getting away from her village. The flight is the only mode of transportation in Jumla. That was the time when she first flew in flight to take the female guide training program in Pokhara, an hour flight and 23 hours bus ride.

Due to lack of education and her life growing up in poverty in Jumla, it took her some time to get familiar with the environment and the training program.

She is always thankful to the EWN and the 3 Sisters Adventure Trekking Company.

In 2009, she joined in a trek organized by 3 Sisters Adventure Trekking company in Jumla “Women Trek for Peace and Development” from Canada. During this period her story was also featured. Laxmi was eager to bring her daughters and educate them. With the support of our organization she was able to bring her elder daughter Pratiksha with her in Pokhara. Now she is studying in a well reputed English medium school with the support of EWN scholarship program. She is now working as a senior guide, she is confident, independent and making her own decisions.