Spectacular Fire Dance in Papua New Guinea

Spectacular Fire Dance in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is a beautiful charismatic country – a place for visitors to enjoy unique experiences.    Perhaps the most spectacular of all is “The Baining Fire Dance”, held near Rabaul, East New Britain and a short flight from the capital Port Moresby.

The iconic dance – performed only by men, commemorates various special events; the birth of new children in the village, the coming of age for young men entering adulthood, remembering relatives who have passed away.

The dance begins after a massive bonfire is lit and the performers, wearing elaborate painted masks, dance through the flames accompanied by the rhythmic beat of bamboo poles.  The villagers will not divulge why they do not get burnt; they continue until the fire totally fades.

Visitors to Rabaul shouldn’t miss the impressive volcano and hot springs at Mount Tavurvur and additionally can enjoy a variety of water sports.

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