Lets go PNG


There’s a lot to do in beautiful Papua New Guinea, here’s our favourites,

Discover PNG’s Amazing culture:  more than 750 cultural groups and languages, visit one of the many festivals and join in a ‘sing sing’. 

Trekking:  Not only the notoriously challenging Kokoda Trail, but also plenty of treks to satisfy all levels of fitness.

Surf Uncrowded Breaks:  Only a maximum of 20 surfers allowed at one time, so almost guaranteed to have a wave to themselves.

Bird Watching:  There are 600 different species including 38 of the 43 known Birds of Paradise.  PNG is a must for the enthusiastic bird watcher.

Catch a Black Bass:  Fishing in pristine waters.

Kayaking:  Plenty of options for all levels.

Expedition Cruising:  Discover PNG remote areas whilst enjoying a relaxing cruise.

Kite Surfing:  Consistent 18-25 knot winds in some parts and miles of untouched reef.

 To find out more, please visit: www.papuanewguinea.travel