Feel the love in Hong Kong

Feel the love in Hong Kong with these top ten romantic hotspots for lovebirds to enjoy – 

With its stunning harbour front, amazing restaurants and beautiful beaches, Hong Kong is an ideal setting for a romantic break. Here are some top tips for those looking to add some romance to their trip.

1. Take a ride on the observation wheel

Enjoy romantic day or night-time views of the spectacular Victoria Harbour on the 60-metre-high Hong Kong Observation Wheel. For an extra special experience, book the luxurious VIP cabin with its leather seats and crystal floor!

2. Enjoy a meal accompanied by the sound of the ocean in a beach-side restaurant

Enjoy a dinner à deux whilst soaking up the sea views – what could be more romantic? Whether it’s a relaxed seafood dinner at The Beach House in South Lantau or a decadent meal in chic hotspot Cabana, Hong Kong has an array of options for indulgent seaside dining.

3. Sip cocktails at a rooftop bar

Take in the spectacular views that Hong Kong has to offer with a delicious cocktail in hand. Top recommendations include Ozone, Hong Kong’s highest bar, which is located on the 118th floor of the tallest hotel in the world, and chic Red Bar, which boasts incredible views across Victoria Harbour and the skyline.


4. Enjoy the incredible Symphony of Lights

Watch Hong Kong come alight in the world’s biggest permanent light show, where 40 buildings around Hong Kong light up in perfect harmony. This dazzling show, set against the impressive backdrop of Victoria Harbour is a truly unforgettable experience.

5. Explore deserted beaches in Sai Kung East Country Park

The laidback haven of Sai Kung is just 12 miles from Kowloon yet offers the perfect contrast to the buzzing city.  Whether it’s hiking and camping in the green country parks and tropical woodlands; sailing, swimming or snorkelling in the clear, sheltered waters; or relaxing on the secluded beaches, Sai Kung is an ideal place for couples to enjoy some quality time.


6. Go on a cruise around Victoria Harbour

The sparkling lights of Hong Kong reflected across the water, the gentle tug of the wavescruising Victoria Harbour at night is sure to get pulses racing! The most romantic way to enjoy Victoria Harbour is on-board a sunset cruise with a cocktail in hand; nothing to do but marvel at the surrounding harbour as daylight gives way to a night-time show of shimmering lights. Photo credit: Kyle Yu

7. Indulge in oysters and Champagne at an amazing seafood restaurant

Oysters are often said to be a food of love and Hong Kong has an array of restaurants for those looking to enjoy this delicacy. Enjoy wonderfully fresh seafood accompanied by fine Champagne, a sure fire way to spark romance.

8. Wander through the Flower Market

The heady scent of roses, the exotic, colourful blooms, everything about the Flower Market spells out romance. With the dozens of stalls and shops lining the street selling a wide variety of vibrant flowers, Hong Kong’s Flower market is a wonderful spot for a wander.

9. Enjoy a sunset view from the Peak

If there is only one thing you can do in Hong Kong, go to The Peak. The highest point on Hong Kong Island, The Peak boasts breathtaking views of one of the world’s most spectacular cityscapes. Make the trip up on the quaint, romantic Peak Tram (a visual experience in its own!) and watch Hong Kong from above as it transitions from night to day. The sun goes down, the dazzling lights go on and the whole city comes to life.

10. Have a stroll around one of the city parks

You don’t have to leave the city to enjoy a romantic walk in green surroundings. Hong Kong has beautiful parks, where you can enjoy oases of calm and space within the buzzing and bustling city.

Photo Credit: Beautiful Destinations