Experience the semi submarine in the Maldives with Outrigger Konotta Maldives Resort

Experience the semi submarine in the Maldives with Outrigger Konotta Maldives Resort

The upper part of the semi submarine remains above the sea surface at all times, when you enter it, you will step down into the underwater hull, below the sea level and, through large windows you’ll enjoy spectacular views of the underwater ecosystem of the barrier reef. In the sem
i submarine you feel like you are actually diving.

The day-light tour explores our beautiful house reef with its marine life: colourful fishes and, if you are lucky, you can see also turtles and sharks. During the South West Monsoon the visibility is fantastic and you feel really to be there, into the water. In the other monsoon, the presence of plankton will reduce the visibility but offers many nutrients and we have plenty of fish around the island.

During the night tour you get the chance to experience a real night show, completely different from the daytime. On the reef, fishes camouflage themselves reducing the brightness of their colour, assuming the colour of the barrier reef. With our fluo-light you have the possibility to observe sea creatures with fluorescent colours, usually invisible to the naked eye. This marvel of nature is based on the property of some marine organisms to emit radiation that become visible only with this blue colour light and a yellow visor that you are requested to wear. During North East monsoon season (November to April) the abundance of plankton offers a bio-luminescent tour while the semi submarine moves in the darkness. When the lights are turned on again, a myriad of small fish baits encircle the submarine and you will feel to live an explosion of fireworks. Once back to the reef, a school of fish attracted from the night lights will surround you: fusiliers, sometimes sharks or even some squids.

WHEN:             Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

TIME:                Morning 09.30, afternoon 17.30, evening 20.30

DURATION:       Daytime 30 minutes and night time 40 minutes

WHERE:            Meeting at the dive & excursion centre

WHEN:              15 minutes before departure

MAXIMUM:       14 guests

WHAT TO BRING: A camera or even a smartphone: it will work… underwater!

ATTENTION:     The activity is weather dependent