Experience authentic Balinese tours at The Samaya Seminyak Bali

petitengetOn March 30th to April 2nd 2016, Petitenget Temple had its anniversary celebration. The anniversary celebrations held every 210 days on “Merakih” Wednesday of Balinese Pawukon Calender. The name Petitenget derives from “Peti” which means caven and “Tenget” which means haunted. Petitenget temple was initiated by the legendary Hindu priest Dang Hyang Nirartha on his historical mission from Java island in 15thcentury. 

Legend told that locals had observed that people who went into the jungle became ill and believed this was due to a dark spirit named Bhuti Ijo then to solve this issue, DangHyang Nirartha advised to build a temple.

Petitenget temple is located at the coast of Seminyak beach and it is just around 210m or just less than 5 minutes by walking from The Samaya Seminyak Bali.The temple is very famous for its detailed architecture and beautiful panorama facing to the Indian Ocean.

The Samaya offers a chance to experience a short religious tour to our neighbour temple “Petitenget”. A knowledgeable member of our team will assist guests who wish to make this tour, which is free of charge. The Samaya staff will assist you being adorned as a Balinese in their national costume.