How 3 Sisters Trekking’s work has saved Maha Laxmi’s life

How 3 Sisters Trekking’s work has saved Maha Laxmi’s life

Maha Laxmi is the second child of her parents out of six. She got married when she was 15 and was studying in class nine.

Here begins her story; I can’t remember how I got married maybe it’s because I was too young to feel that I was getting married or maybe I was just driven away by that boy. When I began to realize that I was not in my home with my family members, I began to cry a lot. I wasn’t able to go back to my house because I was married and for the sake of my parents’ prestige.

I decided to stay with him no matter what I should face. Because of my crazy and irresponsible husband I was having a hard time. One and a half years’ later I gave birth to a baby boy. All of my in-laws were happy with my baby boy. The days and months were passing by but the baby’ weight was remaining the same. A local doctor said he is malnourished and admitted him to Nepalgunj hospital, which is in a big city.

I went to Nepalgunj for my son’ treatment, whilst my husband went to India to marry another woman. After 3 months of treatment, I came back to my village with my son without any improvement. He became totally handicapped. I was in a dilemma as all the doors were closed for me. But then I decided to go to my parents’ house because no matter what the situation is, parents are always there to support you.

After 1 year my husband came back to me leaving his other woman in India. He convinced my father to send me back, as I had a child to take responsibility for. I went back to his house. I thought he might have improved, but I was wrong; he was worse than before. Though my in-laws were supportive,they were all far away.

I was thinking, this is the end of my life story. But again my husband ran off with another woman and my son died, suddenly. The sky fell onto me, it was unbearable. Though my son was handicapped, he was a piece of my heart. I loved him so much. I was crying for my son Sajan all day and night.

One of my relative aunts helped me to overcome that pain and sorrow. She was motivating and recommended Empowering Women of Nepal – EWN’ training program. She told me about 3 Sisters Trekking office and about three sisters who are providing Female Trekking guide training and a hostel for socially disadvantaged. Soon I spoke with my parents about my plan to go for the Trekking guide training program, to which they granted me permission.

Now I am here in Pokhara working as an assistant at 3 Sisters Adventure Trekking (P) Ltd. After a month long female trekking guide training by Empowering Women of Nepal (EWN), I am really happy today. I was weak and helpless back in village but now I have the right to speak. It also helped me to divorce my husband.  Now I am enjoying my life learning English language so I can become a guide. I was very shy and full of fear for a while but now I am on my way to gaining confidence, and to be independent.

I feel so lucky and grateful towards the founders and directors of EWN; Lucky, Dicky and Nicky who are so cheerful and always inspiring. I want to give them special thanks for giving such a great opportunity to not only me, but to many other girls and women like me, who are forgetting the real meaning of life. I am also thankful to my aunt for showing me a good path in my life. I want to thank all who have always supported me in my difficulties. And In future I hope to become a successful female trekking guide.

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